We’re Putting the Band Back Together

We’re Putting the Band Back Together

MRMcentral is the Marketing Resource Management (MRM) platform formerly known as Marketing Operations On-Demand (MOOD) and previous to that it was known as MarketingCentral.

Back in 2016, IBM announced its plans for “end of life” for the system and being the nucleus of the team that first created MarketingCentral, we simply couldn’t let that happen so we acquired the system from IBM with the intent of breathing new life into it and re-establishing ourselves as a dominant force in the market (Marketing Resource Management) we pioneered and helped build.

So, we put the band back together (much of it, anyway) and we are back at it!

“We have returned to our roots and we are thrilled to be back at it. MRMcentral is a truly comprehensive Marketing Resource Management (MRM) system that reflects decades of development and resources invested. Going forward, we will be building upon what is a mature, phenomenally robust system and an incredibly loyal client base and continue to deliver best in class MRM solutions with a singular focus on creating passionate client advocates for what we do and how we do it.”

MRMcentral President & CEO
Bill McInerny