Below are some of the key functions… but by no means all of them.


Remote Marketing Management

MRMcentral keeps remote marketing teams organized and on track. Get started free. From tasks to approvals to calendars and Gantt charts, organize marketing work your way.

Connect your teams so you can continue to collaborate, manage and track work in one “best value” platform, wherever you are.


Project Management and Collaboration

Create projects complete with different work areas for threaded discussions, task schedules, estimates, budget and expenses as well as online markup and approval. Project members are easily added, transferred or removed from projects. When completed, projects can be “locked-down” and archived for future reference.


Resource Management and Capacity Planning

Tasks are assigned to users and start and due dates determined. See the workload of team members across all projects and easily re-assign tasks to others with greater availability. Set limits the number of hours each person can work and be assigned work each week.


Online Review, Markup and Approval

Content can be reviewed and marked-up with notes and “scribbles”… including video and websites. See who has viewed the content and when they last did so. Versions are automatically managed through the iterative work process with approvals and their related workflows added when needed.


Budget Planning and Expense Management

Financial plans and their associated budgets are created and managed. Budget allocations can be made for specific programs, campaigns and projects with the actual expenses automatically rolled up along with objectives and results data captured to easily generate ROI analysis at each level.


Job Request Forms and Job Queue Management

Enable users from outside the system to complete and submit job requests. Requests are aggregated into a centralized job request queue for review and resource assignment. Requests are converted into projects and job data fields mapped over with just a click.


Digital Asset Management

The MRMcentral Digital Asset Management (DAM) module helps users to find, share and use digital media assets to deliver flawless experiences. Scalable for SMBs all the way up to large enterprises, our DAM solution offers capabilities to manage the entire content lifecycle with workflows and features for creative production, collaboration, publishing and distribution of assets and to use your digital assets to drive value for the organization.


Digital Asset Storage

Files of any type can be uploaded into the system and organized into any number of folders and subfolders. Each file/entry can be assigned publish and expiration dates with automatic notifications when files are approaching expiration dates. Easily see who viewed, downloaded or emailed files and when they did so.


Comprehensive Reporting

Know exactly which projects your team is focused on and their ability to tackle new requests with advanced reporting and customized dashboards. Easily prioritize work and assign the right people the right work with powerful resource planning tools. Track your time on projects for accurate reporting and better resource management.


One Calendar with Approvals, Projects, Tasks & Events

View all of the “spinning plates” — start, end and duration of projects, due dates of pending approvals, start and end dates of assigned tasks and when various marketing events are happening — on a simple, consolidated calendar making it easy to manage everything that’s going on.

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