About MRMcentral

We’re Putting the Band Back Together.

MRMcentral is the Marketing Resource Management (MRM) platform formerly known as Marketing Operations On-Demand (MOOD) and prior to that, it was known as MarketingCentral.

When IBM announced its plans for “end of life” for the system, being the nucleus of the team that first created MarketingCentral, we simply couldn’t let that happen so we acquired the system from IBM with the intent of breathing new life into it and re-establishing ourselves as a dominant force in the market (Marketing Resource Management) we pioneered and helped build.

So, we put the band back together (much of it, anyway) and we are back at it!

Why the Name Change?

Well, in a time when company names are pretty random, made-up words (largely to secure a domain, of course) and do not convey in any way what the product or service they provide actually does, we figured we would take an opposite approach. We took the opportunity to rename the system to even better reflect what the system does… which is Marketing Resource Management (MRM) and it does it better than any system out there.


Discover the power of MRMcentral – a truly comprehensive Marketing Resource Management (MRM) system.

Why MRMcentral

More than 600,000 marketing professionals have used MRMcentral. Find out more facts and figures about us.


Get the latest on MRMcentral, Marketing Resource Management and find out more about its superpowers for Marketers.

See a Demo!

30 minutes is all you need to get a sense of just how comprehensive the MRMcentral system is. Since it was first introduced, MRMcentral reflects the refinements and enhancements that clients have requested over the years. You will not find a more mature and robust system in the market at any price.