MRMcentral Solution

Project Management and Collaboration

Create projects complete with different work areas for threaded discussions, task schedules, estimates, budget and expenses as well as online markup and approval. Project members are easily added, transferred or removed from projects. When completed, projects can be “locked-down” and archived for future reference.

MRMcentral is a project management & collaboration software system made for marketing teams and agencies that want the benefit of multiple features in one comprehensive tool. A combined project, resource and financial management system will:

MRMcentral Solution

Improve productivity and streamline your approval workflow processes.

MRMcentral Solution

Centralize all activities and gain real-time information on the status of marketing campaigns and projects.

MRMcentral Solution

Establish the “single source of truth” for the marketing department.

MRMcentral Solution

Brief projects, allocate tasks, manage resources, set approval pathways, manage stakeholder feedback and collaborate more effectively.

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MRMcentral simply makes our lives easier when it comes to collaborating with our customers. Great tool to improve our workflows (internal & external), controlling our timelines and efficiently allocate our resources (people, time & budgets).

I. Voudouris
Managing Director,
Deutsche Hochschulwerbung

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