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MRMcentral reviewer

Anthony R.

Vice President Marketing

Computer Software, 51-200 employees.
Used the software for: 2+ years.

“Great Control and Trafficing”

Overall: Solid product, knowledgeable people, excellent support.

Pros: The product is complete and comprehensive and ensures the team is working efficiently. We could not run our marketing team without it. It starts with great job request forms that we easily customized for our different classes of work (white papers, web ads, support PDFs, etc) and continues from there to ensure everyone has assigned work. And the review and approval functions are awesome. I would recommend to any organization with a marketing team or marketing projects with more and 5 people. It keeps everyone on task and work getting done.

MRMcentral reviewer

Jaime A.

Dir. Marketing Communications

Health, Wellness and Fitness, 201-500 employees.
Used the software for: 2+ years.

“Great Value”

Overall: Experience has been great.

Pros: The product is extremely easy to use.

MRMcentral reviewer

Roxanne G.

Traffic Manager
Telecommunications, 201-500 employees.
Used the software for: 2+ years.

“A Great and Easy Tool!”

Overall: My overall experience has been great. The rep has been a constant source of support and always willing to help or jump on a call to answer my endless amount of questions. He is amazing.

Pros: I appreciate how easy the tool is and how user friendly it is. I love the new UI. It looks amazing. I love how we can specify each request’s security depending on what is needed for that job.

MRMcentral reviewer

Kevin B.

VP Marketing Systems

Insurance, 10,001+ employees.
Used the software for: 2+ years.

“Great Workflow system at a fair price”

Overall: Great overall experience and appreciate the quick responses and support MRM provides. They treat us with respect and enjoy working with them.

Pros: Easy to use, administer, and rollout to our teams. We run many reports and have the ability to filter them and helps us manage our business efficiently. We were able to modify certain parts of the platform to really make it more useful to our needs.

MRMcentral reviewer

Jennifer H.

Brand Manager

Dairy, 201-500 employees.
Used the software for: 2+ years.

“Great collaboration tool”

Pros: I love how the software helps our team collaborate on marketing material. We easily submit projects to our team of graphic designers, and then work back and forth on edits to complete the job in a timely manner. The best part is we have it set up so all team members can see all projects; this means we can work together to balance the number of projects in progress and thereby better judge project deadlines. Plus, our email inboxes are no longer clogged up with large file size PDFs. The online atmosphere with access anywhere anytime means work flexibility for our team too.

MRMcentral reviewer

Deborah C.

SVP-Chief Marketing Officer

Financial Services, 201-500 employees.
Used the software for: 2+ years.

“Glad to be back!”

Pros: There are many workflow/productivity software platforms out there at all price points. What virtually all of them lack is complex task schedule management and collaborative markup/approval processes. MRM Central has both. It takes a bit of time to get this platform setup for your team’s workflow, but once it’s setup, it works great! I used this software several years ago before IBM bought it. IBM did nothing to advance it so I’m glad it’s back with its original company and back on the market.

MRMcentral reviewer

Brian V.

Director of Marketing Communications

Hospital & Health Care, 201-500 employees.
Used the software for: 2+ years.

“This tool makes my job easier!”

Overall: review, approval and final sign-off in an efficient process.

Pros: Ease of use, functionality, ability to share with outside organizations

MRMcentral reviewer

Ioannis V.

Managing Director

Marketing and Advertising, 51-200 employees.
Used the software for: 2+ years.

“Great tool”

MRMcentral simply makes our lives easier when it comes to collaborating with our customers. Great tool to improve our workflows (internal & external), controlling our timelines and efficiently allocate our resources (people, time & budgets). Media Asset Management is a nice to have on top feature. Big fans of the dashboard!

MRMcentral reviewer

Joaquin K.

Creative Studio Manager

Telecommunications, 201-500 employees.
Used the software for: 2+ years.

“Review for MRMcentral”

Overall: The experience has great and thanks to Bill we have been in good hands. We use the tool for creative marketing requests, organization, communication and trafficking. The tool has been great, has everything we need and not a bunch of stuff we don’t need.

Pros: This is a great product because its straight forward and user friendly. We shop around many similar tools and they were all over complicated, didn’t have certain features we needed but had a bunch of bells and whistles we didn’t need. Not only is the product great but the customer service is equally amazing, I would recommend this product to any team in need of this type of software.

MRMcentral reviewer

David S.

Director of Marketing Automation

4 star customer rating
Financial Services, 5001-10,000 employees.
Used the software for: 2+ years.

“Good value for money”

Pros: Accomplishes everything we need at a reasonable price.

MRMcentral reviewer

Laurence G.

VP Marketing

4 star customer rating
Non-Profit Organization Management, 201-500 employees.
Used the software for: 2+ years.

“Met the needs of our highly customized processes”

Overall: Never had a problem with it. While the transfer back to the original owners was accompanied by some downtime and glitches, once those were worked out I have never had an issue with uptime or loss of data. It is more than project management and also helps with file storage without any losses to our data.

Pros: Enough custom fields to properly address the complexity of job types, assignments, specs & tracking to allow efficient management of our resources.

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