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Digital Asset Management

The MRMcentral Digital Asset Management (DAM) module helps users to find, share and use digital media assets to deliver flawless experiences. Scalable for SMBs all the way up to large enterprises, our DAM solution offers capabilities to manage the entire content lifecycle with workflows and features for creative production, collaboration, publishing and distribution of assets and to use your digital assets to drive value for the organization.

MRMcentral’s DAM is the easy, fast, & smart way to organize all of your digital assets.

Digital Asset Management

Create & Organize
Drag and drop files of any type and/or size into the system and tag them with as many metadata fields as desired. The system automatically extracts any metadata imbedded in the files as well as check for any similar files already in the system to eliminate duplicates.

Digital Asset Management

Search & Share
Search folders, content, metadata and even the content of documents to easily find what you’re looking for. Preview assets (including video) without having to download them. Create collections of assets and share them with other system users and/or external personnel.

Digital Asset Management

Control Access & Usage
Control access to specific content, determine which content can be viewed and/or downloaded and assign digital rights to ensure correct usage of assets. Set publish and expiration dates on assets and receive automatic alerts when assets are updated and/or expire.

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