AIG Case Study

AIG Case Study

“Gathering feedback and approval for marketing projects can be time consuming, especially for a company the size of AIG. We needed a single platform that everyone would adopt, and that’s why we gave MRMcentral a try.”

Kevin Brezner
Vice President, Marketing Systems,
Strategy & Implementation at AIG

MRMcentral AIG case study

If you’re a marketing professional in a mid-size (or larger) company, you know the struggle. Whether you’re designing a new landing page, brochure, or online ad, everyone has an opinion on how to improve the piece. The Marketing Manager loves the copy but hates the imagery, the VP of Product hates the copy but loves the visuals, and the project gets bounced around for weeks. Too many times, it ends up lost in someone’s inbox.

Without a well-designed system for managing feedback and approvals, you end up with:

Bottlenecks caused by disorganized reviewers

Multiple versions of the same piece floating around the organization

Lost time and productivity due to unnecessary follow-ups

Endless “Are you sure you sent me that?” or “I wasn’t aware I had to…” conversations

AIG’s Marketing Teams needed a single platform that everyone would use, and that’s what brought them to MRMcentral.

How a Global Insurance Company Tamed Its Marketing Approval Process

American International Group (AIG) operates in 80 countries and traces its roots back 100 years. It offers a range of insurance products, including general insurance and life insurance, along with retirement and financial services.

Kevin Brezner, VP of Marketing Systems, Strategy, and Implementation for AIG’s Life Insurance/Life & Retirement business units, was looking for a marketing project management platform that would eliminate the hassles and inefficiencies associated with manual review and approval processes.

He needed a solution that was affordable, allowed him to run comprehensive reports, and most importantly—one that could handle his unique business needs and processes.

Would MRMcentral be able to handle the unique needs of AIG’s business?

MRMcentral’s software works great off-the-shelf, but larger, established industries sometimes have unique demands that require guidance from customer support. Kevin needed someone who would be by his side, providing support as he onboarded his teams—and every day thereafter—as he convinced AIG’s marketing staff to adopt the MRMcentral system.

MRMcentral UI

“I was impressed with MRM’s quick response-time,” says Kevin. “Any time issues came up, they were there to help us work through them. They were also highly attuned to the unique challenges our company faced.”

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Change management can be challenging in a large, heavily-regulated industry. Like turning an ocean-liner around so it can sail in a different direction, it takes time and some planning to do it right.

“It was slow-going at first, but eventually we got everyone on board. Within 3 to 6 months, everyone was used to entering comments, making changes, and submitting approvals directly into the MRMcentral platform. It’s now second nature to them,” he says.

MRMcentral logo

The Payoff

“It really helped to have one platform to house all the jobs and route them to all the different departments,” Kevin says, “and that improved things across the board.”

By using a single platform, AIG’s marketing teams can now:

Proactively manage outstanding approvals

Eliminate the chaos of the review process… while speeding it up

Easily manage marketing expenses on projects

Run reports and conduct marketing audits more efficiently

In the end, MRMcentral proved to be a powerful, user-friendly tool that increased efficiency and reduced headaches for one of the world’s leading insurance companies.

Want to see how MRMcentral can help your approval process?