Three Questions to Sung-Hun Choi

Three Questions to Sung-Hun Choi

Marketing and Technology are our passion and we regularly meet equally passionate and fascinating marketers every day. So, we decided to share their voices and perspectives with you. Find out more on what challenges they are facing, which projects they are working on and even topics outside the marketing world. Our second guest is Sung-Hun Choi – Marketing Director at Kamps.


What´s your current focus, it´s challenges and how do you approach them?

The German bakery market is changing tremendously since a few years, that’s why we are working with high pressure on transforming KAMPS into a future safe food and franchise brand. This is covering all aspects at the same time – brand communication, product offer and shop concept.

Creating a brand that’s attracting customers, franchise partners and employees at the same time. The approach is “simply” transforming Kamps into a modern love brand and creating an outstanding customer experience.


Food delivery is huge – what is Kamps strategy?

Digital platforms are playing a key role for the future of our business. We have been conducting tests with digital delivery platforms in the last years and learned about the huge potential behind this business.

Operational excellence is a key factor for successfully implementing digital platforms into a traditional bakery business. Operational excellence is always a mix of people, process and technology, which are key pillars of our strategy to success.


What are you doing if you´re not getting your head around business?

I love to barbeque with my family and friends. Especially Korean BBQ is a great social experience, which everybody should try.

Sung-Hun Choi

Marketing Director at Kamps

Sung-Hun Choi started his career in the consumer electronics & technology sector at companies like LG Electronics, ASUS and ACER.

He just recently made a move into the food industry, managing and transforming the German bakery brand KAMPS.

Sung-Hun is 39 years old, born in Osnabrück / Germany, father of 2 kids and a Hochschule Fresenius graduate.