Three Questions to Deborah Colby

Three Questions to Deborah Colby

Marketing and Technology are our passion and we regularly meet equally passionate and fascinating marketers every day. So, we decided to share their voices and perspectives with you. Find out more on what challenges they are facing, which projects they are working on and even topics outside the marketing world. Our third guest is Deborah Colby – SVP-Chief Marketing Officer at One Nevada Credit Union.


What is the focus for One Nevada in 2020?

One Nevada’s core focus in 2020 is to continue enhancing the value of One Nevada membership. From doubling-down on advancing our members’ financial well-being to enhancing the ease, convenience, flexibility, and security of our digital banking systems to implementing a new member experience measurement program that helps us understand the areas our members need the most help and assistance, our core focus is ensuring our members’ get the most value, ease, and convenience from their One Nevada membership.


What is your Digital Strategy for One Nevada and where are you in the Digital Transformation process?

We believe the digital transformation process is ongoing and likely never ending because our members’ expectations are always advancing. Our digital strategy is to continue building fluid, cross-channel experiences that ensure our members can safely do what they want when they want, how they want, and where they want. We’re quite proud of our members’ digital engagement with us; 71% of our members actively use our online and mobile banking services.


What are you doing to wind down and relax?

I am an avid urban and nature hiker and spend many of my weekends either urban hiking to complete routine household chores or hitting nature trails enjoying the beautiful, rugged landscape our country offers. In March 2020, I’ll be volunteering for the first time as a dog handler for the 2020 Iditarod Race in Alaska.

Deborah Colby

Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer

Deborah Colby is One Nevada Credit Union’s SVP-Chief Marketing Officer and leads the organi­zation’s brand management, marketing, com­munity engagement, and member engagement strategies. Deborah has lead the many facets of financial services brand experiences for nearly 25 years, including brand management, marketing, member experience, business development, and community engagement strategies.

Prior to joining One Nevada in October 2017, Deborah worked for banks and credit unions that operated in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, and Utah. In past roles, she oversaw corporate strategy, brand management and marketing programs, commu­nity engagement, customer and member experi­ence programs, and project management and implementation teams.

Most recently, Deborah led One Nevada Credit Union’s brand refinement, which included a renewed commitment to advancing member financial well-being and a new, modernized look reflecting Nevada’s majes­tic landscapes and vibrant color palettes.