Do You Really Need More Marketing Software?

Do You Really Need More Marketing Software?

You and your team already have several tools you use to complete each of your marketing tasks. These tools help with organization and efficiency so you might be wondering if you really need more marketing software? MRMcentral is a marketing resource management software that transitions your to-do list and tasks into simplified workflows. While we often think of such project management tools as being required only for the “other industries”, applying a similar concept to the marketing process streamlines and optimizes outcomes on every level. Below are just a few of the ways our MRM software delivers.

What Is MRM Software?

It’s about optimizing the back of house process and spending less time on the administrative, yet essential tasks. Here are some functions, but by no means all of them:

Create and manage the full project workflow

Create a to-do list and assign tasks

Schedule and check campaign deadlines

See who is assigned to what and how far along they are

Approve or deny completed tasks

Track and manage your budget

Pull up real-time reports

And more!

Time And Cost Savings

Time is money, so with every efficiency created you reduce the number of hours spent on your marketing projects. But the organizational efficiency with a centralized marketing system does more than just save labor hours. Our 2019 research shows that MRMcentral:

Reduces failed projects by 34%

Delivers 31% of projects under budget

Increased productivity by 26%

Delivers 14% of projects early

Saves an average of $8,900 in marketing dollars

These results are a marketer’s dream come true!

Refine Your Workflow

Whether you have an assigned project manager or not, marketing campaigns are projects with many moving parts. A successful campaign requires a variety of skill sets meaning you might have a combination of in-house team members and outsourced freelancers or agencies who are accountable for various portions of your campaign. So, with or without a PM you need to keep track of the campaign to-do list and schedule. This can all be done in the custom workflow that you create in MRMcentral, and accessible to everyone working on the project. And yes, you can have multiple projects and workflows going at one time.

refine your workflow

Fewer Emails

As a project manager, one of your top priorities is making sure everyone is on track. Without a centralized system, this means emailing everyone individually and waiting for their response—often with much back and forth. With a centralized system you can just pop in and see where everyone is, and only email those you need to follow up with. You can also add and assign new tasks in MRMcentral, and each team member will be automatically notified.

As a member of the marketing team you can quickly and easily see who is doing what, including what part of the process you are responsible for. Once a task is complete, you will see if it has been approved or denied. Since the average employee spends approximately 80% of their time on administrative and back of house tasks. So, by minimizing emails and eliminating spreadsheets your team can invest more of their time creating—instead of just doing.

Improved Communication

Even with weekly team meetings it can be a challenge to keep everyone on the same page, particularly when you have multiple campaigns running and being built at the same time. While the number of emails per project will decrease, the overall communication will improve—because essential information will only be a few clicks away. If someone forgets a detail, there is no delay because they can always access the full scope of the project.

Cross-Departmental Collaborative

When it comes to marketing there must be an ongoing and open dialog with both the sales and customer service team. With an integrated approach, key departments can work within MRMcentral, gaining the insights required to develop creative, engaging, targeted, and trendy marketing campaigns—all without disrupting each other’s workflow. In addition, department heads, stakeholders, and everyone involved will enjoy a fully transparent view of campaign progress and outcomes.

Cross-Departmental Collaborative

MRMcentral is where marketing projects, budget and people are optimized for maximum efficiency. We are where work gets done! It takes about 2 days to get you onboard and ready to go. And yes, our system is designed to be intuitive so user-training will be minimal. You may need to see the system to really appreciate how it works, so reach out today to schedule your free MRMcentral demo!

Ask yourself, does it make sense to implement Marketing Resource Management as a system of record and use it as the backbone for your marketing operations?